eLearning expertise

Our Expertise. What we do.

Yardstick Training’s eLearning development team are your technical and creative partners. Mixing proven processes with the latest thinking in instructional design is the surest way to create training that can transform your culture, your productivity, and your safety record. Rely on us to develop the best experience for your learners, and for you!

Instructional design

Sound instructional design is the foundation of every eLearning program we create. We work closely with subject matter experts to identify key competencies and tailor courses to your goals. Our courses are accessible and motivating, incorporating real-world examples, plain language writing, and robust assessments.

Competency analysis

We critically analyze job functions and tasks to define what your learners need to know when they complete their training, what they need to do, and how well they need to do it. We draw on this information to create professional development paths and assessment measures, plan future training needs, and prioritize your training resources and budget.

Mobile learning

Your learning environment should never be an afterthought. We will help you decide if mobile delivery is right for you and your learners. If it is, we employ mobile first design – everything from instructional design to content layout and interactivity is chosen to provide the best mobile experience.


Bite-sized learning delivered in 2 to 5 minute mini-modules offer on-the-go learners and organizations looking for a specific, topic-focused training with immediate results. Offered alone or combined with other modalities, and available in a wide variety of formats, microlearning can be a flexible, targeted, and inexpensive solution for your organization’s needs.

Game-based learning

“Gamification,” or applying game-based thinking, elements, and mechanics to your eLearning can help engage your learners, motivate action, and facilitate knowledge retention. From a single element such as shareable tokens to a full-scale game-world immersion, we ensure that there is a clear match between the game elements, or game mechanic, and your course content, audience, and learning outcomes.

Built-in assessments

Active recall can triple long-term retention when compared to just re-reading the information. That’s why we incorporate informal knowledge checks, try-it-outs, and module quizzes throughout the learning process to test and strengthen learners’ knowledge.

End of course evaluation

We follow the Kirkpatrick Model to evaluate the effectiveness of a course. The four steps of evaluation are reaction, learning, behaviour, and results. Learner surveys, post-tests or assessments, and managerial interviews and evaluations and other tools help us, and you, determine how successful our project has been and fine-tune our approach.

Quality assurance

You will have multiple opportunities to review and approve our work. Combined with our own thorough internal quality assurance process, we aim to exceed your expectations. Careful script review, beta testing, compliance testing, and human testing on multiple devices and browsers ensure that your course is clear, consistent, and error-free.

Project management

We follow an approach to project management that is flexible but structured. We encourage our clients to participate at every stage. A dedicated project manager keeps us on track, ensuring that all project deliverables are on time, and on budget.