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We believe that exceptional training changes lives.

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“Our team doesn’t sell product. That’s an amazing outcome of our success, but its certainly not what we focus on. Whether our learners are construction workers at a job site, dentists, financial planners, or engineers at the nuclear power plant – these folks need to be sure they are ready to take on the challenges they face at work every day. I’m always excited when learners tell us stories about how our training has transformed their jobs and their careers. They appreciate that our courses are engaging, memorable, and relevant, and are delivered in a way that makes sense to them. So that at the end of the day, our learners can protect what matters most: safety, health, security, and trust.”

Trevor Gartner President, Yardstick Training

Safety training

Greg Britton General Manager

We’re in the business of sending people home safely. Safety training, materials, and consulting that’s been trusted by +1 million learners and companies, including WHMIS training, electrical safety, ground disturbance, transportation of dangerous goods, and more.

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First responder training

Ron Mycholuk General Manager

When the stakes are high, well-trained means the difference between certainty and calamity. Yardstick first responder training prepares those who protect the public, from law enforcement to security guards, to act in emergency situations.

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